We Never Stop Learning
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Do you know the saying that we never stop learning? In fact, various exchange programs and networking between a new entrepreneur or startup and an experienced entrepreneur is beneficial for both sides. The latter one gets a chance to develop her/his own personality skills mentoring, and also has a chance to look at his business from another perspective.

This happened to Eglė Bliumkienė, a host entrepreneur and co-owner of Sana Beauty Kaunas. Not so long ago Eglė was mentoring Izolda Lebedeva, a new entrepreneur from Ukraine. Together they have successfully developed ideas and shared experiences and insights of the beauty industry.

 This time, Sana beauty welcomes another NE and is ready for a new collaboration and intercultural adventure! As Eglė says, to participate in this program and have a new entrepreneur besides you is a really interesting experience that helps to broaden your own horizons. With Natalia Silva Martin, we have met only a couple times so far but I already can say that this girl is a very diligent, curious and knowing that she wants in her career. The first meeting went smoothly we got to know each other, talked about the expectations of this period and possibilities to fulfill them.

 When you are accepting the second participant of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program the experience is totally different. The first time was more nervous and worrying but now it was a little bit calmer. The main advantages of accepting a new entrepreneur are such that I can look at the work and activities I do from the outside. I’ve been reviewing everything once again and understood who are we and whether we were on the right track! 

The first participant of this program was a young entrepreneur from Ukraine. She was a person from an east side. Accordingly, her mentality, culture and general perception were close to Lithuania in historical terms, so the commonality between us was a little bit bigger. On the other hand, Natalia is more similar while speaking about this specialty. She is a pharmacist, cosmetics maker. Therefore, it is really interesting to share our own experiences. Pharmacists often come into contact with formulas, but not with the skin or the users. For this reason, I think that through Sana Beauty she’ll get a unique opportunity to comprehend customer needs and adapt it for her own business model.

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