Love for Traveling that has Grown into a Tourism Business
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Imagine that you have a strong love for travelling, exploring new cultures and there is a need for more knowledge in the field of business and when, you accidentally find Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs program on social media. What does it mean? That you have to grab your chance and be a part of this project!

Before starting her journey, Ugnė Gajauskaitė expected to experience new culture and develop a better understanding for business management. During her stay in Ukraine, a young entrepreneur fell in love with this country and its culture, what is more, she got to work with her mentor and had learn a lot of new things.

When asked if she always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, Ugne said that she was lost for a long time. She has always thought about becoming an entrepreneur, but she considered herself to be not competent enough. However now Ugnė is sure that all you need to do — is to start doing.

While speaking about her host, Ugnė is happy that there were no difficulties in finding one since she had received help from her IO.  Consequently, the love for travelling, which according to Ugnė is one of the best ways to enrich oneself, encouraged the desire to start a business associated with tourism field. Basically, travel agency.  

During the say in Ukraine, a young entrepreneur has not only developed her business idea but also managed to prepare a skiing trip to Ukraine for Lithuanian travelers in cooperation with her partners and with the help of her host entrepreneur. She is very glad to have implemented this idea and to see herself doing this in the future as well.

Speaking about her ordinary day, Ugnė is honest — it depends on the day, but most regularly she would have a meeting with her host, then do some tasks she got assigned to and finally work on her ideas with the possibility of asking for an opinion or advice. Throughout this period she learned that she is her own limit and came to the realization that it is important to step out outside of the comfort zone and move forward.

Guessing about culture in Ukraine? As Ugnė says, the culture of Ukraine is warm and welcoming. People are friendly and open for new business opportunities. Ukrainians are hard-working people which are quite similar to Lithuanians. Besides, she was fond of the Ukrainian cuisine, landscape and, of course, the people. Ugnė has met many amazing people during this stay. Besides, she is planning a future collaboration with few of them, because she thinks that one day she’ll come back to Ukraine with new ideas in her mind.

When asked if she could call this project one in a lifetime opportunity, the participant of EYE said yes, because it is a great chance to learn from an experienced entrepreneur while also exploring new culture.  Can it get any better than this?

And lastly, Ugnė’s advice to other young entrepreneurs who are still hesitating to start their entrepreneurship journey: “I would firstly advice to start. Although new young entrepreneurs need to understand that you need a lot of patience and hard work when you start a business. And the most important advice from me is to do what you love, because your company will become your life for at least a while.”

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