However, while working with social startups in 8 countries, together with partners from Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, The Netherlands, UK, and Greece, we realized, that in most cases even the most successful startups lack proper support.

The solution?  The community of networks who supports woman entrepreneurship. This community is for everyone – supporters, believers, social entrepreneurs and changemakers – those who are willing to contribute to the impact made by womenpreneurs!

The idea of such network was born during the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” project which is the international exchange program that gives new or prospective entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs how to manage a small business. The idea of this program pointed us at the right direction – to promote women entrepreneurship and thus to increase the competitiveness of potential start-ups by establishing the exchange of experience between new and experienced entrepreneurs, access to new markets, finding potential business partners and business networking.


A world in which women entrepreneurs achieve personal, career, and social impact goals.


We are dedicated to empowering women as social entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential by connecting them with experienced business owners.

Our goals:

  • To connect like-minded people aiming to create a social impact through a sustainable business model.
  • To encourage women entrepreneurs to overcome business development challenges.
  • To create a community of social entrepreneurs.
  • To provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to start and/or successfully run a small business.
  • To create a better mutual knowledge between social, innovative and other entrepreneurs and facilitate the development of common projects/businesses.
  • To promote exchanges and cooperation between European social innovators.
  • To open new international business opportunities.
  • To connect like-minded people aiming to create a social impact.